Products & Services Diversification Programme Timeline

Over the period July 2020 to July 2023 the International Education Products and Services Diversification Programme of Work is looking to answer the following questions:

What new education products and services could set NZ apart from its competitors?

What is the best way to increase the sector’s resilience to future shocks like COVID-19?

How do students want to engage with the NZ education experience – online, off-shore, in NZ, mixed etc?

How do we give best effect to Te tiriti o Waitangi?

What is the best way to deliver this future experience for students and for NZ?

To answer these questions the work programme will focus on developing and testing pilots and in partnership with the sector, learners, employers and other government agencies.  

"This Government has committed to the achievement of the ‘high quality, high value’ strategic shifts signaled in the International Education Strategy by 2030, and I do not want to see them set aside in a rushed rebuild of the sector we had in place."

Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins

Timeline in detail

New Products & Services

  • Work with the sector and pilot group to refine causes, test and inform the design, processes and criteria for the Accelerating New Products and Services programme (Jul 2021 - Feb 2022)

  • Lessons from pilot used to inform International Education Product Innovation Fund.  Round 1 open for proposals (Apr - May 2022)

  • Proposals assessed and successful applicants notified (Jun-Jul 2022)

Offshore Delivery

  • EOI process for NZ Education Centre (Apr - May 2021)    

  • EOIs shortlisted (Jun 2021)

  • Negotiations completed and Centres confirmed, subject to funding being approved (Jul - Aug 2021)

  • Centres developed for openings by TBC 2022 (Sept 2021 - TBC 2022)

Digital Delivery

  • Rented platform pilot (Jun 2021 - Jun 2022)

  • Assess and review lessons from Round 1 Rented pilot test (Oct - Nov 2021)

  • Governance review of Round 1 Rented pilot test lessons (Dec 2021)

  • Perform and review Round 2 Rented pilot test (June - Sept 2022)

  • Co-design with sector requirements for a NZ owned and branded platform pilot (Feb - Mar 2022)

  • Detailed proposal developed for a NZ owned and branded platform pilot (Feb - Mar 2022)

  • Governance review of proposal for a NZ owned and branded platform pilot (Mar 2022)

  • Establish NZ owned and branded platform pilot (Apr - July 2022)

New Products & Services

  • Explore, co-design and test new strategic products with key markets (Oct 2022 - May 2023)

  • First progress report due back from participants (Dec 2022)

  • Final progress report due back from participants (Jun 2023)

Offshore Delivery

  • Pilot Centres (TBC 2022 – Jun 2023)

Digital Delivery

  • Assess and review lesson from Rented platform pilot (Jul 2022)

  • NZ owned and branded platform pilot:  review, assess and refine every 3-6 months (Jul 2022 – Jun 2023)

New Products & Services Offshore Delivery

  • Assess lessons from Pilots (Jul 2023)

Digital Delivery

  • NZ owned and branded platform pilot (Jul 2023)

Overall Products & Services Diversification Programme

  • Next steps report to Governance (Sept 2023)