Diversifying International Education Products & Services

Our goal is to help create a resilient international education sector through innovative products, services and modes of delivery.

"We must show the next generation that we are listening, and that we have heard them."

- Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, NZ Voluntary National Review 2019, on Sustainable Development Goals

Why explore diversification?

New Zealand’s international education (IE) sector has been heavily reliant on traditional models of inbound student mobility. This makes the sector vulnerable to disruptions such as COVID-19.

In addition, the workplace and the classroom of the future will be very different to the past. Employers will need staff with different skills, and learners will need to be ready for a changing work environment.

To ensure the IE sector is sustainable, we need to design new ways of learning that respond to these disruptions.

The International Education Strategy 2018-2030

The International Education Strategy sets out a goal that:

The international education sector flourishes through diversification of markets, people flows and innovative products and services.

The government’s Strategic Recovery Plan for International Education gave additional urgency to this goal and tasked ENZ with leading this stream of work.

ENZ is working with education providers, learners, international institutions and other Government Agencies to design new ways of learning that meet the needs of current and future learners, based on New Zealand’s unique competitive advantages.

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